Taksim | Istanbul | Turkey
The contemporary design hotel is alive and well on the shores of the Bosphorus, where the Stay Bosphorus mixes ancient Ottoman influences with the clean lines and luxe materials of contemporary European practice.  Hotel is very close to Ortaköy district where is with deep historical roots and plenty of contemporary appeal as well. The Bosphorus are just a few yards away and from the hotel’s top-floor suites the view spans a large proportion of this sprawling city.

The Stay Bosphorus boasts the city’s closest guest rooms to the Bosphorus. Most of these twenty rooms have balconies directly facing over the water. And the views are far from the only visual stimulation to be found, for the interiors, in their crisp, neutral-toned style.

Surrounded by charming streets sprinkled with trendy restaurants as well as local cafes, jewelers and boutiques, the hotel is just a short trip away from the city’s major attractions and shopping malls, and allows for effortless travel by sea thanks to the enchanting ferry pier that rests right next to it.

The historic mansion located just across the cobblestone street that marks the entrance to our main building offers the Executive Lounge, a private area that is exclusive to our guests Staying in Penthouse Bosphorus, Executive Bosphorus and Penthouse suites. Executive Lounge is designed to make privacy a priority and has no outside access. This space can be utilized as a window opening to the lively streets of Ortakoy, by which you can relax during the day and experience special delicacies. Allowing you to enjoy your time in a comfortable and secluded space, Executive Suite stands out as a haven in the heart of the city.