Antalya City | Antalya | Turkey
Termessos is perhaps the most interesting ancient city in the Antalya . It is a Psidian city built at a height of 1050m in the Taurus mountains. Thermessos constitutes an unusual synthesis of a large number of rare plants and animal species which are under protection in the Termessos natural park. A visit to this site requires time and stamina to walk uphill (comfortable footwear advised). The inhabitants of Termessos were known as the Solyms but unlike those of other cities of their time they were entirely of Anatolian origin. Alexander the Great surrounded the city in 333 BC which he likened to an eagles nest and failed to conquer. Termessos, after a gradual decline, was finally abandoned in the fifth century AD. Some of the remains found there are the walls, the Hadrian's triumphal arch, the cisterns, the theatre, the gymnasium, the agora, the odeon and the heroon. Among the tombs which are scattered far and wide cabe seen are those of Alcates, Agatemeros and the lion decorated sarcophogi, which are extraordinary.

Following the visit to Termessos and the pleasing walk,  our trip continues towards Duden. The  Duden waterfalls, a series of beautiful falls surrounded by trees and greenery with well situated pathways. Duden can be observed from behind as well via a stairway leading down to a 40 metre long cave where you can observe from behind the curtain of water.