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Priene, Miletus Didyma Tour covers 3 magnificent cities of ancient times.

The tour starts with driving to the Priene ancient city where is about 35 miles from Kusadasi.Priene has such a beautiful location which is on the slope of Mount Mycale with a little bit hike but no tiring and it's occupied with some Roman ruins standing among pine trees.

Then proceed to Miletus which was much richer and larger than Ephesus city before Roman time and having 3 harbours.See some ruins including great theater.The city was also home of the fameus philosophers as a Thales, Isidorus,Anaksimenes,Hİppodamos etc.

The last stop will be Didyma ancient city with the great temple of Apollo.It's the best preserved temple in Turkey with 3 coloumns standing today.Besides being the biggest Oracle seat in ancient Turkey ,it was the 3rd biggest temple of ancient time.